Opinions Are Like Armpits

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Opinions are like armpits.. everybody has them. Cliche? Sure. But, for the sake of this metaphor, let’s beat it to death. Sometimes armpits smell nice and clean and deodorized, which means that the person whose armpits they are, took care to spend time grooming them. Sometimes armpits are dirty and untamed, which causes the person to get into some hot water (shower).

The world we live in is a funny place. If you think about the times your grandparents grew up in, those seem so much simpler. They didn’t have such public platforms to voice their opinions. Does that mean they didn’t have opinions? Absolutely not. In fact, my grandparents generation is full of them. But they didn’t have opinions shoved down their throats everywhere they turned.

Now-a-days, we are left wading through some pretty murky waters. Up is down, down is up. It’s hard to know what it truth and what is, well.. NOT.

I believe that opinions can be a good thing. After all, we all come from different backgrounds, have different life experiences and this have the ability to teach those around us something they didn’t know before. But we need to be more aware of HOW we are expressing those opinions, and what our purpose is behind it.

I may catch some flack for this, but if your purpose for expressing your opinion is to be right, and you don’t care about the other person’s feelings.. I’m sorry, but you are an ass. Is being right so important to you that you are willing to ruin relationships over it? I’ve seen this happen in friendships and families alike.

Now, I’m not saying that you can’t be passionate about something. We need people who are willing to stand up for what’s right in this world. But maybe before we open our mouths, we should be asking ourselves: am I well-informed on this topic? What source am I getting my information from?

Because we are different people with different life experiences, we are not going to agree on everything. But if I were to go to someone I disagreed with and said, “you’re wrong”, how would that come across? I don’t think most people like being told they are wrong.

In college I was introduced to an intriguing concept, called meeting of the minds. Miriam-webster dictionary defines this: “an understanding or agreement between two people or groups. ” Learning this simple concept instilled in me a drive to 1. Learn facts before I spoke, and 2. That it is possible to disagree in a civil way, but it doesn’t harm anyone to hear out the other person’s side.

I’m not always perfect at this. I find that I can jump to conclusions quickly when it is something that I am very passionate about.

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