Monday Makes

Make Your Own Joggers

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These joggers were such a fun sew! I was inspired by an ad I saw on one of those Chinese sites, and figured I could probably make my own.

I used GreenStyleCreations pattern– the Brassie Joggers.

I love how you can dress up or down in joggers.

Here is my finished result:

And I was probably the MOST excited about my waistband with elastic and drawstring. I’ve only used grommets a couple of times before and now I’m pretty sure I’ll be using them for everything possible. I am really happy with the finished product!

This pattern is great for beginners. The tutorial that comes with the pattern makes it almost fool-proof. As always, if you try this pattern, or have any sewing or fit questions for that matter, contact me or comment below!

Until next time, happy sewing!

❤ Kayliegh

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