Policies: I want this to be a safe place for people to come and get the support they need, and as such, I do not allow hurtful comments, drama or people being buttheads on my blog. If you don’t have something nice to “say”, don’t “say” it at all. I reserve the right to change these policies as I see fit for my blog. 

My posts are for informational and entertainment purposes. I am experienced in my trade of sewing and patterning, but by way of emotional support, I am just sharing my own views. If you are looking for emotional or mental advice, I suggest you consult a professional. I reserve the right to change my blog material in the ways I see fit.

 I collect emails on this blog in order to connect with my readers who may need help with sewing, or just want to chat. This is done through my “Let’s Connect” page.  I do not share or sell these to third parties.

Disclosure: This blog and the posts on it may contain affiliate links, which means I receive a small compensation when you make a purchase using my links. This allows me to help my little family, and I appreciate your support in doing so! Thank you! 

The views and opinions posted on this blog are my own and not in any way connected with the companies I am affiliated with.

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