Greenstyle Cavallo Leggings: Maternity Waistband Hack

You may remember the amazing, INSEAMLESS Cavallo leggings from Greenstyle that I reviewed last week (see review here). Well, being 9 months pregnant, I wanted to be able to wear them now, and after my baby gets here. They are so comfy, I want to live in them!

I made 4 pairs, each with different waistbands so that I could compare and see which worked the best for me and my bump. I did 2 pairs with a maternity cross-waistband hack and 2 pairs with the normal waistband from the pattern. I prefer an under-belly maternity band on my maternity wear, so that’s what I used for these.

While the regular waistband is totally wearable with the bump, I do find the most comfort from having the maternity wasitband on them. My favorite pair is the blue ones, because the waistband comes up high enough and stays in place the very best for me. After baby comes, I am going to be so glad I have some with the standard waistband on them so it will help hold all the goodness of my mom-belly in place!

Fabric sources IF you’re wondering:

Blue heathered pair is Greenstyle’s performance navy moss supplex. IT. IS. HEAVENLY. It is so incredibly soft, but has the firm-ness you would expect to find in a supplex.

Red is Greenstyle’s cherry red Arete fabric. It is lighter weight, but still opaque which also means SQUAT PROOF! It is perfect for summer and warmer temps, or if you just want something that’s lighter weight.

(Can you tell I’m a fan of Greenstyle yet? )

Cavallo leggings with crossband under-belly materntiy hack

Fabric sources for regular WB leggings below:

Black/gray textured pair is premium athletic fabric from Surge fabric shop. I have been holding onto this fabric for a while, waiting for the perfect project, and I’m so glad I used it for this pattern- it was perfect! (They don’t have this particular fabric in stock anymore, but checkout their other awesome athletics!)

Animal print pair is the tan cat fabric from Greenstyle. This is also a lighter weight fabric, but still opaque. I am a sucker for cheetah prints, and these have ended up being one of my very favorite makes because of the fabric/pattern combo. I mean, can you even with those jogger-style pockets??

Cavallo Leggings with pieced waistband included in pattern

FINALLY: Here is how I did the maternity waistband:

Crossband Under-Belly Maternity Waistband


  1. Use the symmetrical waistband pieces included in the pattern.
  2. Print double, so you’ll have 2 main pieces and 2 liner pieces
  3. Leave 1 main and 1 liner untouched, these will be the back waistband pieces.
  4. For the remaining main and liner pattern piece, repeat the following on each piece: Add paper to the center edge (the one marked with the “fold”) so you can extend the pattern piece. 
  1. Measure in from the top center edge (the one marked with the “fold”) 2” and mark. Measure out from the bottom center edge 3” and mark.
  2. Connect the marks starting at the top and drawing a gradual curve until you get to the bottom mark. 
  1. Cut the new pattern pieces and cut your fabric accordingly. For the curved pieces, you will need to cut 2 of the main and 2 of the liner rather than on the fold. The back pieces remain as 1 main and 1 liner on the fold. 


  1. When it comes time to construct the waistband, you’ll follow the pattern instructions to sew the main pieces together at the side seams, and then sew the liner pieces together at the side seams. 
  2. Place the main and liner waistband with right sides together, and stitch the top seam. You’ll follow the curve of the front pieces for this. Add clear elastic at this point, and then turn the waistband right side out. 
  1. Mark the front of the waistband at 3” on each side. This is where it will meet with the front seam when you quarter the waistband and connect it to the pants. Pin the waistband to the pants with right sides together as the pattern instructs. Your front pieces will overlap. Stitch the waistband to the pants and you are done!

Let me know if you try this hack and how it works for you!

Happy maternity sewing!

❤ Kayliegh

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