The Grinch and Relatable Quotes for Motherhood

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So I have this gift where in most situations, there is a movie quote or a song lyric that pops into my head that perfectly relates to what is going on. It’s a very entertaining, though not always appropriate, to live life this way.

As we’ve been in the holiday season, I’ve taken the opportunity to watch my favorite Christmas movie as many times I can without having my family kick me out of the house. That movie is Jim Carrey’s How the Grinch Stole Christmas. I find it hilarious, and quote-able all year round.

As I’ve been watching it this year, I’ve made some connections to my motherhood experiences that have made me chuckle. I hope you will get some pleasure out of it as well.

1. Nursing, especially nursing when baby gets teeth.

2. Anytime you see the crazy come out in your kids I.e. going to the store, Christmas Eve (I would argue the whole month of December), after grandma’s House.

3. Looking in your closet after having 3 kids.


4. After having a new baby and becoming a shut-in for a month.

5. After working out for a week, what you think should happen:


6. Trying to get a moment to yourself in the bathroom, only to have the door pounded on and little fingers under the door:

7. The 84832651638495826164th time they ask for a snack in the 10 minutes after dinner:

❤ Kayliegh

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